About Huemxn.

Huemxn is a creative digital agency that specialises in digital marketing and content creation for brands. The name was formed from two important ideals: a womxn led agency hence the non-gender descriptive spelling of the word 'humen', as well as the use of colour and tone in the realm of design.

Established in 2020 by an accomplished group of storytellers who enjoy narrating brand stories in captivating and yet relatable ways, Huemxn agency aims to always be the go-to agency in helping brands meet their audience exactly where they are and how they’d like to be met. Huemxn bridges the gap within the digital marketing space by making technical digital knowledge easy to understand to the everyday person, start- ups and small businesses, as well as well established brands. It's all about creating a human connection through impactful storytelling to captivate the audience.

Through the extensive experience of the team, traditional PR, talent management and events are additional offerings available to clients.